Low-Force Chiropractic

Low-Force Chiropractic is a highly refined method of aligning the bones and joints that never involves any twisting or popping. This gentle technique delivers maximum results in a minimum number of treatments. Using a system of reflex analysis, the body's own innate intelligence guides Dr. Ryan exactly where and when it needs to be adjusted.

This gentle form of alignment promotes a definite progression of healing in each individual. The body integrates each treatment, gaining more stability and range of motion. It then reveals the next level and areas for Dr. Ryan to align.

Most individuals experience a 90% reduction of all pain and limitation within the first three adjustments. It is very safe for older individuals, children, and infants, as well as adults. Low-Force Chiropractic is documented to be a non-surgical method to heal herniated intervertebral discs. It is also excellent for resolving ganglion cysts in wrists, hands, ankles and feet. Dr. Ryan believes that Low-Force is the finest that Chiropractic has to offer. It was the technique that finally resolved her chronic back pain, after ten years of searching for and trying many different methods.

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