Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a highly accurate method to heal the body by designing a custom nutritional program for each individual. The result of a custom program is to restore function to the organs and the immune system. This is the foundation of Dr. Ryan's successful results in her practice of natural medicine. 

Dr. Ryan assesses the energy imbalances of your body using a functional assessment questionnaire and a system of kinesiological analysis or muscle testing. She reviews all lab results in consideration with her findings. She then designs a program for you using dietary recommendations and nutraceuticals that include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and food concentrates. This method rapidly assesses physiological dysfunction and then accurately pinpoints which natural medicines will enable your body to restore function and promote wellbeing. Functional Medicine successfully eliminates the guesswork involved in selecting any nutritional supplement for maximum benefit. 

Restoring function of the gastro-intestinal tract is high on the list of priorities, as this is the cornerstone of radiant health. The GI tract is where one digests and absorbs nutrients from the diet through microscopic microvilli that look like a lining of velvet if it's healthy. If this important process is suboptimal, all aspects of health are affected. The GI tract contains the one of the most important aspects of the Immune System: the gut-associated lymphatic tissue or GALT. If the GALT is irritated by food allergies or pathogens, or is undernourished by consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD), this can then trigger inflammatory reactions in the gut which are then carried to the rest of the body via pro-inflammatory mediators and will have negative effects wherever an individual is predisposed, be it brain, cardiovascular system or joints/bones. Gut dis-ease can also lead to deep immune system imbalances such as auto-immune disorders, chronic allergy and frequent colds. With Dr. Ryan's individualized approach, you will heal your GI tract, which results in laying the groundwork for healing any and all ailments of the body.

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