Pharmageddon: What You Should Know

Did you know that for 62% of men and 46% of women, the first sign of cardiovascular disease is a heart attack? I recently attended the International Symposium on Integrative Cardiology and was fascinated about new measures where one can evaluate cardiac risk more efficiently. A lab test called the LPP Profile, which is available through my office, tests new biomarkers that more accurately assess your risk. The more exciting news is there are several natural interventions that can greatly reduce these cardiac risks, such as adequate amounts of Omega 3s, specific forms of Vitamins E and K, ribose, magnesium, and carnitine, to name a few.

People think that having elevated cholesterol is the main way to get atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).  Dr. Mark Houston, a top integrative cardiologist, observes that atherosclerosis is a post prandial disease. This means if you eat unhealthy food (such as fast food), your body creates athersclerotic plaques within the walls of the arteries immediately after eating. If you eat healthy foods such as veggies and clean lean protein, it directly counteracts this tendency to make plaques.

A recent study found unequivocally that taking statin medication commonly prescribed for high cholesterol dramatically increases the incidence of diabetes, more so in women. It is vital to manage your cholesterol naturally and not rely on statins. To paraphrase Dr. Mark Hyman, if we’re taking statins to prevent high cholesterol, but it causes diabetes, which causes cardiovascular disease, that’s ‘Pharmageddon!’              

I am available to create a protocol for you to help you manage cholesterol levels naturally and guard against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Contact our office to set up an appointment.

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