Coronavirus: Notes from the Field

As the crisis worsens, I am cautiously encouraged that I can report that the large majority of you under my care are doing well.  So far, I am supporting 10 suspected cases through telemedicine.  The illness is rather mild in all these cases:  a runny nose, headache, no fever.  One patient who got it in her chest did so by continuing to clean house when her nose stuffed up.  She thought it was because of the dust.  With the functional medicine I have outlined in previous newsletters, she is feeling significantly better already, but will continue her COVID-19 protocol.  These cases are suspected because testing is not easily available and not in people without fever.  We need to expand testing access.

A recent study in animals shows it is likely that once recovered, a person has permanent immunity against SARS-CoV-2.  We need to know who the people are that have recovered from a mild case and are now immune.  These people will be able to return to work and help others in the community such as bringing groceries to a neighbor.  This will only be possible if we can all be tested.  The blood test (serum) shows antibodies specific to the virus.

New data is emerging about loss of smell (anosmia) as being the only symptom in otherwise asymptomatic carriers.  And that pink eye (conjunctivitis) is occurring in numerous cases.  This is a visible sign you can look out for.  Lately, more pediatricians and now general practitioners are recommending that we do not take steps to reduce a fever unless the person is lethargic.  Many of the body’s immune processes are highly temperature-dependent and work best with fever.  This is something I learned in my naturopathic training and have shared with you over the past 30 years.  Glad it is now moving to mainstream.  So, save that Aleve for when you really need it, otherwise, tough it out if you can…remembering to rest, stay hydrated and stay warm.

What I would like to bring to your attention is that at first, the illness is extremely mild.  Most people think they are having an allergy due to the change in weather, or maybe a headache because they feel stressed.  I believe this is why the virus can spread so rampantly.  People simply don’t think it could be SARS-CoV-2 because, for the most part, they feel fine.  Again, I would urge you to act as if you have the virus and take every measure to protect others by keeping your distance, staying home at the slightest symptom, and continuing to be vigilant with hygiene.  Remember to sanitize all surfaces, including keys, credit cards, and your phone.  Simple rubbing alcohol works well for this.

For those of you who take medication for high blood pressure, please talk to your prescribing doctor, as there is evidence that you would fare better if you are on both an ACE Inhibitor and ARB.

I am sharing with you, my current protocol for general guidelines to support mild COVID-19 cases.  This protocol has not been studied, is not FDA approved and is simply my observation of what is working in my relatively small patient population.

Vitamin D:  take 1,000-2,000IU daily w/breakfast or get some sunlight on your skin if you cannot take D.

Zinc: 15mg daily with dinner.

Quercetin 250mg*: if no illness, take 1 cap before breakfast daily.  If fighting any cold or flu-like symptoms, increase to this amount:

  • 140 lbs and under, take 3:  2 b4 Bk, 1 bed
  • 141 lbs and over, take 6:  3 b4 Bk, 3 bed

*NOTE: It is stronger on empty

Selenium:  supplement of 200mcg w/breakfast OR 2 raw brazil nuts with breakfast.

Argentyn:  this is NANOPARTICLE silver and is not colloidal silver.  This does not accumulate in the body and is therefore nontoxic unless you drink a huge amount, like more than a gallon.  I have repeatedly seen this knock out viral infections in the early stage. If no symptoms of illness, use it before and after going out.

  • To use: lie on your back.  Using a hand mirror, place 2 drops in each nostril and let it run back through your nasal sinuses, gently massaging your face alongside the bridge of your nose.  Then, squirt 2-3 droppers full into the back of your throat, to coat it.
  • If you are having symptoms, you can do this up to every 2 hours.
  • If your eyes are involved, it is safe to put 1 drop in each eye 2-4x/day.

Probiotics:  take nightly.

Melatonin:  if over 35 years of age, take 5 mg nightly.  If you are fighting illness, increase to 5mg w/breakfast, 10mg at bedtime.

Vitamin C:  if no illness, take 1000mg with breakfast.  If fighting illness, take up to 4grams a day: 2 Bk, 2 Lunch.

Support your antiviral immunity by SLEEPING in the early hours.  Lights out 10PM, 9PM if fighting illness.  And stay hydrated.  This helps everything from flushing toxins to improving mood.

Raw pressed garlic:  if you have any symptoms at all, such as a tickle in your nose or a mild little cough, have some soup (chicken veggie or lentil puree work great).  After the soup is heated, then press or finely mince 2 cloves of raw garlic, mix into the food and have this for lunch and/or dinner, 2 hours before your probiotics.  The people I am supporting have said they notice a huge difference with the raw garlic.

I appreciate you for doing your part in slowing the spread to flatten the curve.

We shall endure.

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