Toilet Paper and Deforestation: A Direct Link

All my patients know how much I adore TJ's frozen Boreal Blueberries. It is disheartening to learn that Canada's Boreal Forest, which is critical to the health of our planet, is literally being flushed down the toilet! 

What can you do? 

1. Buy toilet paper only from the companies in the "A" and "B"categories on the NRDC scoreboard in the linked article below.

To read NRDC article, click HERE.

Be aware, both TJ's and 365 have versions in the "D" category. If using theirs, avoid the "soft" version. I have been using the Green Forest and it is nice and soft and in the "A" category. Yay!

2. Sign the Charmin petition and make your voice heard that these forests need to be protected! 

To sign, click HERE.

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